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Technology Disruptions, Global Capital Flows and International Trade-Drivers for Economic Development

The year 2018 marks the sixth anniversary of IIFT’s biannual conference on Empirical Issues in International Trade and Finance (EIITF). The first conference was held in the year 2008 at Kolkata campus while the successive conferences were held in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 between Delhi and Kolkata alternatively. The EIITF conference has emerged as a platform for bringing together young minds and keen researchers to discuss, reflect and examine new ideas and understand different dimensions on current and emerging trends in the area of International Trade and Finance.

In the last five conferences several eminent trade and finance experts graced the occasions and delivered special lectures. Paper presenters comprised of guests from all over the world. Over the years, EIITF has become a major academic conference in India and likely in Asia on Empirical Issues in Trade and Finance. Multilateral Organisations and Private Sector organisations like ADB, OECD, World Bank, WTO, etc., have also come forward and participated in the conferences in various forms by either orgainsing policy forums or enlightening participants on new research tools for analysis or releasing their publication. The conference also witnessed participation of senior officials from Government of India in debates and forums. Several researchers also utilized this platform to release their books. In a nutshell, EIITF has evolved into a forum for bringing the academic outputs by researcher closer not only to their peers but also to policy makers and private sector.

The Sixth Conference will be held at IIFT Delhi Campus during 13th and 14th December, 2018 (Thursday and Friday).

For any conference related queries, write to eiitf2018@iift.edu


The Conference aims to have an intellectual discourse on issues related to international trade and finance. It will also provide a platform to the researchers for communicating their views & findings on intellectual standing of empirical research.

Thrust Areas


Sl. No.




Trade and Technology

Manufacturing productivity, upgrading and gains from Trade

Technology, Economies of Scale and International Trade

Global Value Chain and International Production Network

Supply Chain Innovation and Efficiency in Trade Operation

Single Window and Automation of Trade Facilitation Process

Digital Trade Best Practices

Service Integration and Trade Benefits

Digitisation and Financial Inclusion


Trade and Employment

Labour augmenting or Replacing Technology and Trade Efficiency

Challenges for Labour Intensive Sectors in International Trade

Global Value Chain, SMEs and Impact on employment

FDI and its impact on employment

Skilled employment, wages and factor payments in general in a globalized world


Trade and Development

Role of Developing countries and WTO Negotiation

North-South Trade and Development impact

Trade and Poverty

Trade, Investment and Sustainable Development


Macroeconomic Policy Issues in Emerging Markets and International Trade

Domestic Financial Reforms and Growth in International Trade

Exchange Rate Regime and Trade prospects

Taxation, Fiscal Incentives and International Trade

Reforms in Trade Facilitation, Infrastructure Development and their impact on Trade Costs


Trade and Investment

Policies on FDI vs. Policies on Alternative Investments – Effects on International Trade

Governance and Investment policies, Role of State Enterprises in International Trade

Bilateral Investment Treaty

Predicting Economic Gains from Trade Investment Agreements

Investment and Trade: Complements or Substitutes? 


Global Capital Flows and Firm Stability

Changes in Macroeconomic Variables and impact on Global Capital Flows

Changing Geopolitical Landscape and Global Capital Flows

Cross Border Bank Flows and Implications for Financial Stability

Determinants of International Capital Flows to emerging and developing economies


Trade in Services

Issues and Challenges in Trade in Services

Data Issues in measuring Services Trade and their restrictiveness

Emerging Issues such as E-Commerce,

Movement of Workers and Services Trade

Service Trade Negotiation in RTAs and WTO