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  • About the Conference

    Technology Disruptions, Global Capital Flows and
    International Trade-Drivers for Economic Development


The year 2018 marks the sixth anniversary of IIFT’s biannual conference on Empirical Issues in International Trade and Finance (EIITF). The first conference was held in the year 2008 at Kolkata campus while the successive conferences were held in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 between Delhi and Kolkata alternatively.  The EIITF conference has emerged as a platform for bringing together young minds and keen researchers to discuss, reflect and examine new ideas and understand different dimensions on current and emerging trends in the area of International Trade and Finance.

Policy Forum: Foreign Direct Investment and India's BITs

BITs come at significant costs to signatory countries. First, there are costs involved in negotiating and signing BITs. Second, BITs limit the signatory country’s freedom to regulate its economy. Finally, BITs open the doors for foreign investors to sue the host State directly in international arbitration. Indeed, developing countries have been the most targeted in investor-State arbitrations.

This session seeks to examine the role of BITs in attracting foreign investment based on past experience. In particular, the session examines the unique experiences of developing countries in investor-State dispute settlement. The session would also like to explore the flexibilities which developing countries may need in negotiating BITs



Lisa Sachs


Policy Forum: Emerging Issues in International Trade Negotiations (E-commerce)

E-commerce and big data are integral parts of today’s economy with an eye into the future. They are so well connected that all aspects of life could be impacted. It is in this context that the CWS policy forum on E-commerce is being organised. This will bring to the fore the challenges facing developing economies’ integration into the digital space.


Renata Avila


Policy Forum on Trade and Employment Challenges in South Asia

There exist deep linkages between employment, trade, and structural transformation. In the next few years, global rebalancing maybe accompanied by inevitable changes in trade patterns between Asia and the rest of the world. Asian economies rely heavily on exports as a driver of their impressive growth which has eventually led to specialization and evolving demands on various types of labor. This policy forum being sponsored by International Labour Organisation is a step to understand the links between openness to trade and historical trends in employment and its quality, ie wage rate, job security, working conditions, and other non-wage benefits in the Asian economies which have been reliant on manufacturing as well as those turning towards the service sector to drive employment growth.



Eminent Speakers in the Past Conferences

Gita Gopinath
Ganeshan Wignaraja
Richard Baldwin

Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås

Jim Rollo

Graciela Chichilnisky

Bernard Hoekman

Urata Shujiro

Jeffrey Bergstrand


Alan V. Deardorff

Kala Krishnan




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