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Conference on Empirical Issues in International Trade & Finance

Global trade in goods and services has increased at a much faster pace than global GDP during the post World War II period. Initially the surge in international trade was experienced by the developed world. However the underdeveloped countries joined the race pretty soon. Along with trade international financial transactions, especially the movement of capital both in terms of foreign direct investment and portfolio investment has increased at a rapid pace sometimes outpacing the growth in trade.

The phenomenal rise in the volume of these international transactions has motivated a substantial amount of academic research on international economic issues. Unlike academic research in international economics in earlier times, a majority of this research has been empirical rather than theoretical in content. Easy availability of data, substantial improvement in statistical techniques, computing power and theoretical innovations in attempting to link existing theory to the data have significantly improved the quality and hence the intellectual standing of empirical research in international economics.

Thrust Areas

The main objective of this conference is to bring together empirical researchers in international economics working in diverse disciplines and in different locations.

The conference has the following thrust areas:

  • Testing trade theories
  • Trade indices
  • Facilitation Mechanisms for International Trade
  • Regional Economic Integration
  • Tariff and Non-tariff barriers
  • Firm level issues in international business (e.g. internationalization of business)
  • Trade Related Aspects of inclusive growth and sustainable development
  • Trade in Services
  • Foreign Investment & Financial Integration
  • Trade – FDI linkage
  • FDI & firm performance
  • Implications of portfolio investment for government policy
  • Linkage between capital flow & financial markets
  • Political economy of International trade & finance

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