Thrust Areas

Any unpublished empirical paper on the themes / sub-themes is solicited. All submissions will be through email. Please send your full papers to . Last date of submission of Full Papers is September 20, 2014.

All submissions will be refereed for final selection. The acceptance of the paper shall be intimated by October 10, 2014.

A few selected papers will be considered for publication in Foreign Trade Review, the IIFT Journal published by SAGE (, after appropriate double-blind peer review.

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Empirical Applications on Trade Theories

Firm Heterogeneity and Trade

Production Networks and Global Value Chains

Wage Inequality and Trade

Empirical Applications of Gravity and CGE Models

Effects of FDI on Trade and Growth

Effect of Free Trade Agreements on Trade and Welfare

Socio Political Implications of Regional Trade Integrations

Legal Issues in WTO Context and Multilateral Trade Architecture

International Negotiation and Trade Policies

Relevance of Non-Tariff barriers in International Trade


Trade in Services

Growing Services Trade and FDI flows

Barriers to Trade in Services

Impacts of Export-Oriented Services Sector Growth in Emerging Economies

Linkages between Services and Non-Services Sector Trade


Trade and Industrialization

Resurgence of Industrial Policy

Innovation, SMEs and Trade Growth

Industrial Subsidy and Sectoral Implications in Trade


Trade Facilitation

Post Bali Issues in Trade Facilitation

Measurement Issues in Trade Facilitation

Country Experiences in Trade Facilitation


Trade and Environment

Trade Liberalization, Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection

Pollution Haven Hypothesis

Effect of Subsidies on Trade and Environment

Concerns on Trans-boundary Pollution

Trade in Natural Resources and sustainable development


Trade and Development

Impact of Trade on Poverty Reduction

Trade and Gender Neutrality

Trade and Informal Sector

Trade and Employment

Trade and Industrialization

Trade and Inclusive Growth


Global Financial Crisis & Emerging Market Economies

Global Liquidity, Capital Flows and its Impact on Emerging Market Economies

Post-Crisis New Financial Architecture

Contagion, Financial Crisis and Emerging Markets

Resilience or Its Absence in Emerging Market Banking System and Financial Markets


Recent Dynamics in Money, Interest and Exchange Rates

Trade and its Implications on BoP

Empirical Evidences on Linking Money Interest Rates and Exchange Rates

Inflation and Exchange Rate Dynamics

Exchange Rate Pass Through

Sustainability of Current Account Balance

Inter-Temporal Theory of Current Account Determination

Currency Crisis


The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) was set up in 1963 by the Government of India as an autonomous organisation to help professionalise the country's foreign trade management and increase exports by developing human resources; generating, analysing and disseminating data; and conducting research. Today it is one of India's most prestigious business schools.

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The Conference aims to have intellectual discourse on issues related to international trade and finance and provide platform to the researchers for communicating their views on their intellectual standing of empirical research in international economics.

To encourage young researchers who are currently pursuing PhD in the area of international trade and finance a separate track is added in the Conference. The session is open for all doctoral students pursuing PhD in Indian universities ( or recently submitted their thesis but degree is awaited).